September Newsletter 2017

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The Glow Worm

Message from the CEO

Welcome to September,

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits.

Welcome to another Everglow newsletter. What a big month for ECCLI.

We held our AGM on Wednesday 13th September at the Townsville RSL, a fantastic venue I am sure those in attendance would agree. We
were very fortunate to elect a full Board with Mr Rodger Bow staying on as Chair with existing members staying on and two new members welcomed on to the Board. This provides ECCLI with continuity and new ideas.

As I outlined at the AGM, over the coming weeks you will see some changes in the way we deliver services, our fees and member benefits.

This will allow ECCLI to focus on financial recovery and provide greater benefits back to our financial members. Over the coming months, we will be working hard to be able to provide our members additional benefits.

It has been great to see the numbers to social functions Increasing and if you would like to do something different we are happy to have suggestions.

I welcome any feedback from you in relation to your services or any opportunities for improvement.

I hope you all have a happy and exciting September.

Until next month, stay safe.


Vicki’s Exercise Update

Our participants are growing… literally.

Numbers are growing with more Everglow clients participating in Gentle Movement classes; and our clients are actually growing too! Before class I measured client’s height and then measured everyone again after the class.

Most clients grew a bit longer following gentle exercise and stretching.

As we age we shrink, our spine and joints compress and we loose centimeters. Gentle stretches can lengthen our spine, which becomes compressed and cramped through years of slouching and sitting.

During class we carefully twist, forward and back and bend to keep our spines flexible. Using a chair for support we can safely lengthen from head to toe. During the class, we focus on better posture, sitting erect and lengthening all the way to the crown of our head, literally extending the spine, hips, arms and legs to make new spaces in our bodies.

Everglow gentle movement classes are a fun and friendly way to increase flexibility and maintain active bodies and minds. Come join us, you’ll feel great.

Gentle Movement to Music will be meeting weekly on Fridays at 10am from the 1st Friday in October.

For information call Natalie on 4725 1822.


Whats On: 


Smorgasbord at the Deck– Thursday 12th October—See Invitation for details.

Crochet Corner and Morning Tea the fourth Friday of the month- 9.30am – 11.30am


A Timeless Tour of Halifax—Wednesday 18th October—See Invitation for details.

Gentle Exercise and Morning Tea every Tuesday 10am—11.30am

Craft and Morning Tea every first Wednesday of the month 9am—11am

Bingo, Morning Tea and Lunch every second Thursday of the month 9.30am—12.30pm


A Bar B Que on the Ross River – Wednesday 18th October—See Invitation for details.

Gentle Exercise and Morning Tea every Friday from 29th September, 10am—11.30am

Colour Therapy and Morning Tea every Tuesday 10am—11am

Social Italian Group including Afternoon Tea—Last Friday of the month 2pm—3pm


To obtain further information regarding activities, venues and costs:-

Townsville or Ayr clients phone 47251822

Ingham clients phone 4776 2296

Transport may be arranged for eligible clients.

 We would love to hear from people across Ayr, Ingham and Townsville. Please send in and share with us your stories, ideas, jokes, recipes or information which may benefit and support others in our community. If you caught the biggest shark this week-end send us a photo. We would like the “Glow- worm” to be informative and fun.

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