February Newsletter 2018

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The Glow Worm

Message from the CEO

Hello good people,

Welcome to another Everglow newsletter.

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits.

Last month I mentioned that we are seeing more and more people taking up Home Care Packages with ECCLI. Our Case Management team working with existing and new clients introduced 20 Home Care Packages into ECCLI. Demand for ECCLI services shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Whilst this growth for ECCLI is a very healthy sign, we are ever conscious that we need to not try to be all things to all people and as such will be closely monitoring this growth to ensure we continue to provide the service to our existing members and clients, that we are known for and what new entrants to the Aged Care support services are chasing.

I mentioned last month about confusion out there as to whether ECCLI provides care up to Level 3 and 4 of Home Care Packages. Yes, we do, and have done for some time now. So please help spread the word.

We have had a bumper month for attendance at our social support activities across our three centres and Jill Morice our Registered Nurse has been very busy over the past month, getting out and assisting our clients via reassessments etc.

This month will also see us introduce a Learning Management System into the organisation. This will enable our staff to undergo continuous training remotely via their iPads. This not only provides our staff with additional training opportunities to further their skills, it also provides you confidence that our team is kept up to date with current practices.

As always, I welcome any feedback from you in relation to your services or any opportunities for improvement.

Until next month, stay safe.



Congratulations to:

Mrs Esther Noack who celebrated her 101st birthday on the 9th February. She and her husband joined family members for lunch at Sizzlers and had “a lovely day” .

Mrs Euphemia Theofanes from Home Hill celebrated her 100th birthday on 15th January and again on 14th January with family and friends travelling from as far as Adelaide to make the day a memorable one.

We farewell Angela Della Valle. Angela has been a respected and valued member of ECCLI ‘s Personal Care staff for over 21 years. Angela will be sorely missed by all who know her.

Just as a matter of interest!
We are all still wondering who sent 2 dozen long stemmed red roses to Natalie on Valentine’s Day !!! ???

Wilma and Alan Dean celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary on 19th February.  They were still smiling two days later when they joined us at the Townsville Chinese New Year Luncheon at the Capitol Regent.



Are you experiencing lack of energy, feelings of sadness and hopelessness, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, and not enjoying the things that you usually do?

These are just some of the signs and symptoms of depression. Whilst it is normal to experience these symptoms from time to time if they have been ongoing for longer than two weeks and are experienced most of the time you may be living with depression.

Beyond Blue notes it is thought that between 10 and 15 % of older people experience depression however, not only it is under reported by older people but often symptoms are incorrectly attributed to old age, dementia or poor health. Causes for depression in the elderly can include medical issues, medication side effects, social isolation, and bereavements to name a few. The good news is that there are many treatment options available.

Making some small lifestyle changes may assist ease depressive symptoms and could include: –

  • moving your body by going for a short walk,
  • exposing yourself to sunlight every day,
  • maintaining a healthy balanced diet,
  • good sleep habits i.e. keeping a regular sleep schedule, limiting caffeine at night, having a cool dark place to sleep,
  • maintaining social connections – attending a group activity for example Everglow’s weekly Gentle Exercise class, Colouring Therapy, Italian Club, visiting a friend, monthly social events, learning a new skill and keeping in contact with family and loved ones.

Treatment could also include counselling, psychological interventions and medications. If you feel that you may be experiencing depression having a chat with your GP is a good place to start as they can treat you or refer you to psychologists and counsellors. In addition, Everglow has qualified social workers who can also assist you in this area.

If you think, that you need to discuss this, please contact our social workers at the following places.  Townsville-4725 1822, Ingham-4776 2296 or Beyond Blue 1300 224 636.


Whats On: 


Chinese New Year – Friday 16th February 2018 —See Invitation for details

Crochet Corner and Morning Tea— the fourth Friday of the month- 9.30am-11.30am


Chinese New Year — Thursday 15th February 2018 —See Invitation for details

Gentle Exercise and Morning Tea every Tuesday 10am—11.30am

Bingo, Morning Tea and Lunch every second Thursday of the month 9.30am—12.30pm


Chinese New Year – Wednesday 21th February 2018 —See Invitation for details

Gentle Exercise and Morning Tea every Friday—Class 1 – 9.30am / Class 2 – 10.45am

Colouring Therapy and Morning Tea every Tuesday 10am—11.30am


To obtain further information regarding activities, venues and costs:-

Townsville or Ayr clients phone 47251822

Ingham clients phone 4776 2296

Transport may be arranged for eligible clients.

 We would love to hear from people across Ayr, Ingham and Townsville. Please send in and share with us your stories, ideas, jokes, recipes or information which may benefit and support others in our community. If you caught the biggest shark this week-end send us a photo. We would like the “Glow- worm” to be informative and fun.

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