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Author: Wayne Crase

Everglow Community Care has been trusted by North Queenslanders for 30 years. It’s something we pride ourselves on and one of the main reasons we’ve taken a stand against slugging our clients with fees that can, in many cases, take thousands of dollars away from core client services each year.

Many service providers within the market charge a variety of fees, including:

  • Entry fees
  • Administration fees
  • Exit fees

As a service provider, I have a real issue with these types of fees being passed on to clients. An entry fee is essentially a penalty to a new client, while an exit fee goes against the grain of consumer directed care and is a significant barrier to move even if the client is unhappy.

Administration fees are an additional and unnecessary burden that occur monthly, basically for simply holding the client on the books.

What sets Everglow apart in terms of its fee structure for clients?

The true strength of Everglow Community Care is that our decision making is done here, locally. The majority of the decision-making sits with me as the CEO. I don’t have to go to a head office located in Brisbane or somewhere else. I don’t have layers of bureaucracy that I have to navigate to be able to get decisions made.

At Everglow Community Care, we try to make sure that 100% of a client’s package is allocated to the care plan as opposed to being eroded by ongoing corporate overheads.

If you look at a Level Four Package that gets approximately $4,200 allocated per month, we’ve seen evidence through competitor contracts of up to $460 per month being taken in admin fees, which should already be taken into account with the hourly rate that they charge for services- just like a normal business would do over the course of a year.

That’s thousands of dollars that’s coming away from an individual care plan- it denies the client the full range of services that they should be able to use and adversely impacts their quality of life.

One of the great things about Everglow Community Care is that our clients are members of our organisation because we’re an incorporated body, while our Board also has two client representatives that sit on it.

They’re actual clients that keep us focused on doing what we do well for clients, as opposed to just talking about money and about growing the business. Everything we do comes back to service delivery and it’s important to us that our clients have a say in how we operate.

Everglow Community Care is passionate about personalised service delivery, where our client’s quality of life, is our life.


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